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Petra College is committed to developing all round character. Sport is therefore an essential part of our curriculum and we expect all our pupils to take part.

We want to teach new skills as they enter the world of Petra and then continue to develop and hone those skills whilst learning the art of teamwork, self-discipline and sportsmanship.

Forming Character- Releasing Potential is our motto and Petra Sport is a great avenue through which this motto finds expression. We strive to: provide a sporting environment that:

  1. Stimulates the development of a wholesome and Godly character
  2. Identifies and develops the unique sporting potential in each child.

Using the example of a runner (sportsperson) the Apostle Paul urges that we should run to win.( I Cor 9:24). Through sport we not only develop a strong character, we also have the opportunity to unleash the champion in each child. A champion not only on the sports field But a Champion in life!

Our disciplined and passionate staff and coaches invest many hours into our pupils from Grade 3 to Upper Six and our joy is to see them making district, provincial and national selection. For ECD and Grades 1 and 2 we offer a less rigorous programme of sport that does not impact on the full day but instils the early foundations of teamwork and physical skill development.

We recognise that not every child will be a national or Olympic Star, but through our sport, every child learns how to face challenges, become a team player and overcome their fears and uncertainty to emerge with greater self-confidence.

At Petra we practice and play hard, we play fair and we play to win, but importantly we recognise that if (occasionally) we don’t win, we gracefully accept the result knowing that as long as we gave of our best we are to be content and that we can learn from each and every experience.

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